During the summer months of 2016, FOMU, in partnership with four Red Cross refugee centres, organised an immersive photography project. Twelve residents participated, using smartphones, digital cameras, analogue throwaway and Polaroid cameras to capture their personal visions. The results of these workshops are presented here in an eclectic exhibition.

Impromptu images offer an insight into the daily existence of a refugee in Belgium and show that beauty is often to be found in the small things of life. Concepts such as identity, home and society were the key themes, but what really emerges from the photographs is the simple pleasure of taking pictures. The participants’ had widely divergent profiles: women, men, young and old and from many different countries and backgrounds. What unites them is their perception of their new (host) country, which these pictures vividly communicate.

© Abdulmatin Samadi
© Fatima Farahmand
  • Abdilmalik Abdel Ali
  • Abdulmatin Samadi
  • Amanullah
  • Babylone Rodriguez
  • Ehsan Ahmadi
  • Fatima Farahmand
  • Fatouma Mouhoumed Ahmed
  • Hama Omed Ibrahim
  • Majid Zare
  • Roya Nazari
  • Rasoli Said Moqadas
  • Samer Al Dellaimi
  • Wafai Noorulhaq

Coördinatie van het traject

  • Naomi Vandenbroeck
  • Tinne Langens

Invulling en begeleiding van de workshops

  • Ans Brys
  • Gideon Hakker

Curator tentoonstelling

  • Joachim Naudts

Ontwerp voor opstelling

  • Dinaya Waeyaert


  • Ingrid Leonard

Met dank aan

  • De opvangcentra van het Rode Kruis Linkeroever, Sint-Niklaas, Westakkers en Zwijndrecht voor hun medewerking, Het Bos voor de ontvangst en het uitlenen van hun zaal, Nikon voor het uitlenen van spiegelreflexcamera’s
© Abdilmalik Abdel Ali
© Babylone Rodriguez